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Josie Penza's Portfolio and Picture Links
Penza Opens Saugus Gymnastics Center
2004 Going For The Gold - Disability Awareness Award
Rock-solid roots article
Women's Physique World Spring 1986
Ms. Lemmi - 'Champion'
Body & Power November 1982
Boston Herald American March 28 1982
New Hampshire Profiles Magazine November 1982
Body Building Pictures
Gymnasts Tumble to UMASS article
Josie Lemmi UNH Team Pictures
Josie Lemmi UNH 1982
Josie Lemmi UNH 1981
Josie & Janet Medford Coaches 1976
Dance Studio Links
The Dance Haven, Inc. Medford MA
Kara Baker Photography
Mommy & Me Card
Mommy & Me Card
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